The London Walks Podcast No.27: London Museums

February 3, 2015

Welcome to our first podcast of 2015!

To tie in with our Best Museums In London series on our blog The Daily Constitutional, this episode focuses on London museums.
Andy and Adam bring us an introduction from the British Museum and then Andy heads off to Southwark for a chat with our London Walks colleague Kevin Flude, director of the Old Operating Theatre Museum. 
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We'll bring you more on London museums in the next episode of The London Walks Podcast. Thanks for listening!

The London Walks Podcast No.26: Christmas Special 2014!

December 23, 2014

Our Christmas special! Milo (8 years old), Joe (12) and Andy (42) share their method for making that perfect Christmas gift, the Lavender Bath Bomb!



We'll be "back on track" with Part Three of our London Transport Podcast very soon. In the meantime… Happy Christmas everyone!

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The London Walks Podcast No.25: London Transport – Part Two

December 5, 2014

Part Two of our London Walks Podcast on London Transport. Adam records his tribute to the London Underground as he makes a journey to and from a London Walks walking tour (an often VERY noisy journey!) and Andy goes Underground AND behind the scenes as he catches up with one of the Tube's buskers.

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The London Walks Podcast No.24: London Transport – Part One

November 25, 2014

Part One of a three-parter on London transport.

This episode sees Andy joined by our colleague Fiona as she leads her Lure of the Underground tour with London Walks.
You can join Fiona on her walk on Tuesday mornings at 11:00a.m meeting at Baker Street Underground station (the Baker Street North Exit)
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The London Walks Halloween London 2014 Part 2

October 29, 2014

More ghoulish goings on! Andy uncovers tales of ghosts and plague and the history of Charterhouse. 

Happy Halloween everyone! See you "out there".
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You can also catch up with our Halloween 2013 London Walks Podcast, It's a three-parter – click HEREHERE and HERE!

The London Walks Podcast Halloween London 2014 Part 1

October 28, 2014

It's HALLOWEEN 2014! Andy and Adam have turned their attention to tours that go bump in the night.

Part One of this Ghostly London 2014 London Walks Podcast has a special guest star in the shape of London Walker Dorothy from Northern Ireland, who joined Andy on the haunted London Walk and shared one of her ghost stories with us! 
Meanwhile Adam looks at the macabre end of one of the early rock'n'roll legends, Joe Meek on the Holloway Road.
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Part Two coming soon!

The London Walks Podcast No.21: London Poetry – Part Three

October 17, 2014

London Poetry Part Three – David Tucker turns the spotlight on The Tower of London in poetry.

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There's also a short two-minute film to accompany this podcast. You can view it HERE.
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The London Walks Podcast No.20: London Poetry – Part Two

October 9, 2014

Part two of our London Poetry Podcast features Andy AND A CAST OF THOUSANDS!

HUGE thanks to our London Walkers who joined Andy on the Hidden Pubs of Old London Town walk last Tuesday. Not only did they join the walk, they joined in with the making of this podcast!
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The London Walks Podcast No.19: London Poetry – Part One

October 5, 2014

This month we turn the spotlight on poetry. Andy, Adam & David of London Walks present this episode, discussing how poetry can best be used on our London Walks walking tours. 

Our blog, The Daily Constitutional, is also tackling poetry this month, with recommendations from London Walks guides and London Walkers alike.
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The London Walks Podcast Episode 10: Sherlock Holmes

July 24, 2014

The Game's A Foot! 

Andy Hallett and Adam Scott-Goulding track down the world's greatest detective – with the help of Richard Burnip, London Walks' Sherlock Holmes expert. 

The focus in this, part one, is on Sherlock, the BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

The walking tour In The Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes with London Walks meets every Friday at 2:00p.m at Embankment Station. See for full details.

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